I Have Loved Poetry Since I Was Very Young. Writing Inspirational Themes, Poetry and Documenting My Sometimes Extravagant Thoughts, Brings Peace, Joy and Solace to My Gentle Heart! My Blog Allows Me An Avenue to Share My Dreams, Thoughts, Wishes and Aspirations. Consider This My Invitation to You to Come Along With Me On This My Life’s Journey of Cherishing each Moment, By Passing The ‘What If’s’ and Delivering Me ‘In Mind and In Heart’ to be Twice Balanced!

Heart to Heart I Share!

Sunday, Oh Sunday
By Nikki Brame

Sunday, Sunday, never leave my mind!
Bright sunshine,warm breezes, birds
singing, boats sailing,
children playing, as I gaze
into the lake in my mind.
I voyage to the lake where I capture
the simple things in life, think of
happy times, remember smiles, listen
for happy sounds,remember talk of love
and needing,enjoy music in my mind.
Days have corralled me,work to do,
deadlines to hit,family pulling
me here, pulling me there, Sunday Oh
Sunday wake up my mind.
Seasons pass so quickly, memories grow
faint, dreams become cloudy, age takes
over, my mind shortens its capacity,
I fight to never give up my Sunday, Sunday!

Warning Unknown

By Nikki Brame

On that oh so normal day, kisses and hugs were exchanged as though life would go on.
Never a thought our lives would change, some never to touch loved ones again.
What were their thoughts in that moment before death, thoughts of love, triumph, pride, fearless, caring for their fellow man.
Heroes everyone!
What were our thoughts? Desperation,
why us, how dare they, never again, fear and hatred, how will we go on?
Not a candle could we hold to those heroes
gone by!
Where are the answers? Will the search ever end?
Look into the heavens, amongst the clouds there you will find the faces of 9/11.
They look down on us today, suggesting peace and forgiveness, first amongst ourselves, wondering did they die in vain for us who have no clue of our American pride, tried and true.
We owe them gratitude and honor, what will we do?

Windows of My Heart
By Nikki K Brame

Through the windows of my heart I
see through to the depths of my
mind. I search to remember the
colors of my life, my sounds of
music, my giggles of laughter, my
cries of tears.
\Each pane conceals a different
segment of my life with a view into
the windows of my heart.
\If I keep the glass clear, I can
continue to create new memories to
view and bring old memories back
to view at a moments notice. The
only decision I have to make is
which pane will I roll as the years
pass by.
\Do you have windows in your heart
or have you frosted the glass to
block out what makes your life’s fulfillment?

Roots To Wings
By Nikki K Brame

roots to wings…the way to build
your dreams..lay them out,water
and prune..reach for the stars and
for the moon..eyes wide open,never
asleep..always focus, go deep. Why give in to dream-takers..you and I
are dream-makers..life can be simple, roots to wings,feel the
breeze..hear the music..see the words,sing roots to wings.

By Nikki K Brame

Sense of time in my mind
Open your eyes oh sense of time
Ears hear the magic of the music
Raindrops falling on my face
No feelings of time in my mind
Open the doors in my heart my soul
Silence softly my Sense of time
Let me reach beyond the cage of time.

Winter Blues
By Nikki K Brame

Winter blues,snow so white,no hue of blue.
Stifled by blue haze,shades of blue.
Walk the path between mounds of white,
crisp and bright, no hue of blue.
Passing cars,neighbors alike, no smiles
to meet, nothing new, just shades of blue.
Let me out,color my world!

Without YOU!
By Nicholeen K Brame

You hold no happiness in your heart
You are a victim of your own loss
Loss of caring, sharing, loving
Is there a chance for happiness?
only if I walk away!
You hold on to me so you can blame me.
That is the name of your game!
I am not willing to live life,
Without passion, without intimacy,
I hold no space in my heart
for anger and allowing life
To spin out of control
I suggest that you let go of me,
if not, I will let go of you, then maybe
your life will roll-
Roll out as you dream of…
I will walk…I have to walk…
My dreams are cut,
My heart, it is bare! I must Walk!

By Nicholeen K Brame

The days grow short, the nights grow dark
\Everywhere you look, the trees are holding on to their
\clothes of color
\As we struggle to hold on to the memories of the beach and
\In our hearts and minds they have left a mark
\Oh how we wish for the ease and simplicity of those days
\Wishing that they had not gone away!

By Nicholeen K Brame

To the left, to the right
Everything in your sight
I wonder why, I wonder when
What will happen and then
Your choice to go, your choice to stay
Why can’t you just decide anyway
As a child I could decide,
As a man you can override
Your dreams, my dreams
Will you, won’t you
Stop the carousel and get off the ride
Life is too short, make the stride
Make a decision, find the vision,
Take some direction, even detour,
But with a mission
To the left, to the right only you
Can view the dreams in the night
And make something of your sight

Time In A Bottle No More
By Nicholeen Brame

Never enough time!
Visit the ‘emerald city’ where old man time
Will teach you to cherish every moment in time!
The sounds of the morning, afternoon and evening
Are music to your ears
Amidst the butterflies fluttering,
The bees buzzing, and the birds singing
I discovered that flowers bloom in every color
They cascade over our landscapes
Hues that the naked eye could only try to capture
My time was locked in a bottle named career,
Leaving me cold facing the world chilled
Actually did not understand the moments of time
Used to be for me ‘time in a bottle’, but no more
I begin my every day by allowing my mind
To become an open canvas and stroke by stroke with my senses,
I paint a memory of my time so the when time passes,
I can turn back the canvas
And remember vividly the sounds,
The colors, the shapes,
And all that nature has to offer so eagerly
Don’t miss the beauty that surrounds us,
Not even for a moment in time!
Time is a mystery, make your time a part of your history.

What Is Love?
By Nikki Brame

I loved him so much
I built my world around his
I cared of nothing else
Isn’t that what love is
\I would happily lay down my life for him
Because the love I feel is so strong
I live him, I breathe him
With him I found happiness that I hadn’t had in so long
\Then one day he says it’s over
He wants to do it on his own
I want to hold on as tight as I can
But maybe true love would be letting him go
\If you truly love someone
Their happiness is all that matters
If it’s what he wants, do I give it to him
Even if it leaves my life in tatters
\The answer is yes. That is what love is.

By Nikki Brame

I am so lonely
I feel so bare
I’m drowning quickly in my despair
Forsaken feelings
Deserted days
Secluded soul and weary ways
Trapped in a solitaire atmosphere
Crying only a single tear
I am the one and only
I am lost and I am lonely

Dreams Do Come True
By Nikki Brame

Dreams do come true
I always knew
The years have passed and I can only wonder
What life would be like if I could travel yonder
To the state known as the ‘Emerald City’ who stole my children
With not a warning or a thank you
Days are lonely and nights too
Wishing every minute that I could be there with you
But in just a few days
I will be traveling and searching through each day’s haze
Every State I pass through will earn me
another mile closer for you and me.
I can’t wait to see your smiles and feel the warmth of your hugs
and straighten my shoulders and remove the loneliness and shrugs
In just a few days my dreams will come true!

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